MCET-SEC 6: Schedule / Essential tools

Since I’m running behind the schedule here with what I wanted to have by now, I thought, I share… this schedule. What I have in my pipeline while creating MCET-SEC – modern cost-efficient toolchain for a small but savvy software engineering company.

1. Modern repository (system that not only holds the source code but enables collaboration – pull-requests, commenting and so on).

-> This is done. With one false start  with Gogs, resolved with Gitea.

2. Test Management Software.

-> Done and working fine with TestLink.

3. Build server.

-> Done with Jenkins.

4. Continuous deployment/delivery.

5. Static code analysis with central reporting.

6. Test automation.

7. Ticketing/issue tracking/time tracking.

8. Knowledge database / Wiki.

9. Communication/collaboration software..


The points from 4 to 10 are not given in any particular order. I will tackle them one by one in one way or another.

This is the list I’ve used to plan my doings in MCET-SEC. But matter-of-factly this list is not only my schedule. It is in fact a list of essential software engineering tools in a modern small but savvy software engineering company! What I mean here is not the things you most certainly need as a good software developer: IDE, command line literacy, good programming language expertise, thorough understanding of computers and networks. I mean everything that is need in an software engineering organization.

In fact I think I will write something entitled “10 absolutely essential software engineering tools”. Stay tuned!

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