Next big thing – continuous integration book

image I’m going to write a book about Continuous Integration in .NET for the Manning Publications. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how exited am I. I will join the noble team of Manning authors like John Skeet, Ayende Rahien or Roy Osherove. I’ll keep you posted about the progress. In the mean time let me give you some history.
I’ve once written an article for Software Developers Journal about Continuous Integration in .NET. It was very well received. I always thought I have a lot more to say in this topic. The idea to write a book came while speaking with my good friend hsd (well I have more and more to thank you for :). I’ve tried to propose the book to a polish publisher Helion. Very fortunately for me they said there is not enough place on the polish marketplace to get enough sell (I’ve blogged about this in polish). I presume they know better. I’ve already buried the idea about the book when I saw the ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Quickly book from Packt Publication. It was written by a guy from Belgium (Maarten Balliauw). I’ve read his blog and I realized has not native English speaker. “If he can, why not to try myself?” I thought and written a short proposal for Packt. They were interested! I’ve worked on the proposal with the Acquisition Editor and I’ve shortly after that I’ve got the information that the book was “committed”. I was very, very happy until something went wrong at Packt (the went scared by a download stats of one of the tools I wanted to write about). The book was “uncommitted” and we didn’t sign the agreement. I don’t throw my hands up! I thought if they are interested probably someone else will be too. I’ve send view more proposals to other publishers and the Manning appeared. In the mean time Packt turned to be after all interested in me writing the book. The Acquisition Editor at Packt Publishing was a great guy. I’m sure it would be great to write a book for them but it was to late. Manning found me a co-writer Craig Berntson. Someone that speaks English a lot better than I and has a know how in continuous integration. The way the Manning deals with his authors seems very provisional and I’ve very glad to get this opportunity.
So be aware. The best Continuous Integration in .NET book comes sooner than you expected!


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