Selenium RC and FitNesse as a service on Windows Server 2008

If you are working in a team or running a continuous integration process the most comfortable way to run tools like Selenum RC Server or FitNesse is to install them as a windows service. I was doing this earlier on my old Windows Server 2003 by issuing the  instsrv.exe (to install a service) on srvany.exe (to run anything) – both from Windows Resource Kit. I had to edit the registry to provide what exactly do I wanted to run (java –jar selenium-server.jar or java –jar fitnesse.jar).
But there is no Windows Resource Kit for 2008. You might use the sc.exe and get the old srvany.exe (with compatibility issues according to Microsoft itself). It would work but why bother when there is a Non-Sucking Service Manager! All you have to do to install a service with this tool is to download it, issue a
nssm.exe install SeleniumRC
and edit this dialog box:
Click Install service and you are done. Selenium RC Server is installed. All you have to do is to start it. Voila!


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