More on "Continuous Integration in .NET"

I’ve recently got the sales report from Manning about my book “Continuous Integration in .NET”. I’m very happy to report it sells quite well!

And speaking about the book. My friend Mateusz Łoskot send me an excerpt from the ACCU discussion board discussing my book. Here it is:

> Interesting you mention the Manning books on Dependency Injection and Continuous Integration… is there really a whole books-worth of stuff in each of those topics??

If you are in the .NET world then then ‘Continuous Integration in
.NET’ is really worth the time invested. It covers most of commonly
used tools (CC.NET, MSBuild & Team System, TeamCity). Goes over
integration of unit testing, code metrics, analyse tools, source
control and these like (if I recall correctly there is a section on
building installation package and getting you DB related changes under
CI as well).

However, it lack some obscure topics (e.g. I would really like to
facilitate Hudson, Maven and Sonar, but I don’t even recall a word on
these also NAnt isn’t presented too well).

Even thought, if you are just starting with CI I would give it a go.

You could skip it if you already have some CI in house and just need
to improve / extend what it offers. It’s alway nice to have a look
around, but I find hands-on experience much more important in this

So be my guest!

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