Classification of automatic software build methods

Here is the online version of my article that was published in a chapter of a book at Opole University of Technology (ISBN 978-83-63015-10-7).
Classification of automatic software build methods
Summary: The process of creating working software from source code and other components (like libraries, database files, etc.) is called “software build”. Apart from linking and compiling, it can include other steps like automated testing, static code analysis, documentation generation, deployment and other. All that steps can be automated using a build description of some sort (e.g. script). This article classifies the automatic software build processes beginning at build script and reaching the various types of continuous integration.
Keywords: software build automation, continuous integration, commanded integration, scheduled software build, triggered software build
Kawalerowicz, M. (2012). Classification Of Automatic Software Build Mothods. Prace doktorantów / Články doktorandů (pp. 37–39). Opole, Poland: Opole Univeristy of Technology.

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