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  • Loky

    Hi! Nice job there! I am in a similar situation: I have a small surveillance camera, but I cannot find RTSP information for it. I tried your method, but there is no information captured by Wireshark in this regard. And the main problem is that I know nothing about the camera, other than it works with Android smartphones with WIFIAV or WIFIAVIN app. I know it sound weird, but it’s a DIY gadget and it has no brand and no FCC ID. In such a case what do you recommend I should try? Thanks.

    • Marcin Kawalerowicz

      Interesting. I did mot knew that. I will have to check it out when I’m back in the office.

  • parkminjoo

    Could you explain how to get rtsp url by using Wireshark for me?
    because I’m beginner, but my company give me new job, management CCTV…
    it’s very difficult to use Wireshark..

    now, I manage a lot of CCTV and I need method of finding rtsp url detail.. (I know each CCTV ID, PASSWORD, IP)

    Please… Thank you :- )

  • Marcin Kawalerowicz


    Wireshark can be tricky to use. You will not get around reading a tutorial (or watching one on YouTube). You will have to know hat interface are you eavesdropping. Then filter only the communication done using RTP protocol.: ip.proto==RTP and search for rtsp://.

    Best regards,

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