• Silverlight

    Silverlight for everybody

    My fist text for a Polish computer magazine NEXT hast just been published. It is called “Silverlight for everybody”. New publisher new challenge. I hope for a long lasting collaboration. In a mean time you can check my GeoCodedCalcualtor. A simple piece of Silverlight app that calculates the degrees, minutes, seconds form of latitude, longitude notation to a numeric notation and shows the translated coordinates using Google Static Maps Api. Enjoy!

  • Clarion

    Remember to brake your egg at the small end*

    Sometimes the interoperability between .NET and Win32 could by a pain in the ass. Especially in places you don’t expect it to be. I’ve worked recently on a cryptography algorithm. I had the source code in Clarion and all I had to do was to implement it in C#. No problem I guessed. But… The Clarion algorithm used pointers extensively. I have worked with byte arrays. I read the text as a char array and I copied the bytes into long variables using a binary shift. Lets say we have a string s = "abcd"; Its something like this: If we try to interpret this as a uint variable: uint…