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    Buy Continuous Integration in .NET book

    The Continuous Integration in .NET book is available as an early access edition from MEAP. For those of you that are not familiar with MEAP it stands for Manning Early Access Program and it is the place where you can download a free chapter and buy the whole book printed or as an ebook before it gets published. You will get continuously chapter after chapter successively as they will be written.

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    Next big thing – continuous integration book

    I’m going to write a book about Continuous Integration in .NET for the Manning Publications. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how exited am I. I will join the noble team of Manning authors like John Skeet, Ayende Rahien or Roy Osherove. I’ll keep you posted about the progress. In the mean time let me give you some history. I’ve once written an article for Software Developers Journal about Continuous Integration in .NET. It was very well received. I always thought I have a lot more to say in this topic. The idea to write a book came while speaking with my good friend hsd (well I have…

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    My personal bookshelf revealed, part I

    Is it possible to by a good software developer and not to read books? Probably, but I think only if you are true genius! Otherwise you are lost in modern tech world if you are not keeping track. Sure you can read blogs, but nothing is better than good technical book from time to time. I love to read good books. Earlier I was a true bookworm. Now I have less and less time, but I still like to take I while to lay back and read. Interestingly enough more and more of my bookshelf is taken by technical books. I’ll tray to review from time to time an interesting…