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    MCET-SEC 5: Repo revisited

    In the second part of my series of articles where I’m creating something I’ve called MCET-SEC: a modern cost-efficient toolchain for a small but savvy software engineering company, I have chosen Gogs as a repository for my company CODEFUSION. It is running smoothly since a month or so and we are hosting first projects under it. First feedback from the developers started to come. And it was quite critical. There is one aspect my devs are not found of. The way the pull requests are commented. They were used to the way Bitbucket does it. Where you can comment and engage in a discussion on every single line of the…

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    MCET-SEC 4: Build server

    All right, all right! I will look into at the Docker while building my cost-efficient toolchain for a small Windows minded software engineering organization. Docker was the immediate feedback I’ve got from my developer at CODEFUSION. “Are we building our toolchain using containers?” – they’ve asked. “Nee!” – I’ve replied. Not because I have something against. It’s actually the other way around. It is because I do not have any experience with containers. I’m a Windows person. I know that Microsoft is all about Docker, but I have no time to learn I thought. Then I’ve started to set everything up on Windows. Repository with pull-request functionality based on Gogs…

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    MCET-SEC 3: Test Management Software

    My company, CODEFUSION, is 9 years old. We are growing organically. At the time of writing this words (March 2019) we are 14 people.  We are software development company founded and run by software developers. But from the beginning it was clear for us, that the business of software development cannot be successfully run only by developers. We knew that one of the most important aspects of being a software shop is to have good testers. So we hired great testers and quality assurance engineers trying to maintain the 20% ratio (devs to testers). At the beginning they were able to manage their work on foot. We were so few,…

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    MCET-SEC 2: Repo

    This is the second part of the series MCET-SEC where we create a modern cost-efficient toolchain for a small but savvy software engineering company. I run a small development company of 10+ developers. We specialize in Microsoft .NET development (desktop, web, services) but we are doing a lot of in modern web (like Angular/TS) and mobile (Xamarin, native Android and iOS). It was a while since I’ve written “Continuous Integration in .NET” and build the toolchain for my company. It is time to renew it. Lets start with the repo. Repo it is a common name given by software developers to the most important tool in our toolset: a source…

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    XVIII KKIO Software Engineering Conference

    I will be speaking at the XVIII KKIO Software Engineering Conference in Wrocław, Poland. The conference will take place between 15th and 17th September, 2016. It is a conference “covering all topics of software engineering research and practice”. This years motto is: “Better software = more efficient enterprise: challenges and solutions”. I will be speaking about “Agile Experimentation” (more to it soon). I will also cover the Visual Studio extension we developed at CODEFUSION called NActivitySensor. Let’s meet in Wrocław!