Clarion 7 Beta Released

Clarion 7 Logo A new version of Clarion RAD is released. It is the last Win32 version of a tool, that my company used (an in a fact still uses) for the last 10 years with great success. The next generation is Clarion.NET based on .NET Framework.
The first taste of the “wind of change” is seen it current beta version. Clarion 7 IDE is based on well known tool form our neighborhood the SharpDevelop IDE. I have my first “Hello world” app in Clarion 7 behind me and… there is really not much to say to .NET developers. It is rather buggy version. There is no application generator. Data dictionary (a kind of O/R Mapper) is read only – when it works, because on my computer it was only reporting errors. I’ll say it again Clarion without:

  • app generator
  • data dictionary
  • template engine

has nothing to offer for .NET developers. I really wait for a RAD tool that will help my with my enterprise-data-driven-text-box-CRUD-based applications development. I wait for Clarion.NET and Clarion 7 is no good source of “first taste”.

Clarion SharpDevelop Based IDE

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