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Casio fx-4500P My father is a land-surveyor (geodesist if you will). Nowadays he uses a notebook for his field measurements, but there was a time when he used a scientific calculator. Recently he’s notebook went dead, so he wanted to move back to his Casio scientific calculator. But, ups! Not in use for a while the battery ran out and the geodetical programs are gone. So I have to type my old programs back to the small computer. I thought I’ll share one of them as a example that programming language does not matter. What matters is how you use it and how well others could use your work. So let my share small app that I wrote back in high school for my fathers Casio fx-4500P Scientific Calculator.




Lbl 1


E=0=>Goto 2 ∆



Goto 1

Lbl 2



Voila! You can calculate a polygon field. So quit the holly "C# vs VB" war. Both are good. Very good 😉

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  • Peter Donoghue

    I am a land surveyor, and have a couple of programmes for the Casio fx-4500P.
    distance & bearing between 2 different co-ordinates.New Co-ordinates from point with distance and bearing, Curve ranging. I find the Casio great for field work. If you have any other programs please let me know? perhaps we could swap a few..
    Kind regards

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