Continuous Test-Driven Development

I have recently participated in the “ENASE – Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering” conference. This year (2013) it was held in Angers, France. I have learned a lot during this conference! I have presented a short-paper I’m coauthoring called “Continuous Test-Driven Development — A Novel Agile Software Development Practice and Supporting Tool”. Presentation wen well – here are the slides.

What is the paper about? Lets read the abstract:

“Continuous testing is a technique in modern software development in which the source code is constantly unit tested in the background and there is no need for the developer to perform the tests manually. We propose an extension to this technique that combines it with well-established software engineering practice called Test-Driven Development (TDD). In our practice, that we called Continuous Test-Driven Development (CTDD), software developer writes the tests first and is not forced to perform them manually. We hope to reduce the
time waste resulting from manual test execution in highly test driven development scenario. In this article we describe the CTDD practice and the tool that we intend to use to support and evaluate the CTDD practice in a real world software development project.”

So basically we’ve named a technique that combines Continuous Testing (CT) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) and came with a Continuous Test-Driven Development (CTDD).

2 pictures instead of 2000 word? TDD looks like this:


CTDD looks like this:



Want to read more download the paper!

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