Certificate of Basic BPMN Competence

imageOn April 28th 2017 I’ve passed the Polish state examination of the basic competence in Business Process Model and Noatation (BPMN). The exam is carried out by the System Research Institute at the Polish Academy of Sciences. It is an exam in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO / IEC 19510:2013.





The scope of the certificate contains:

1. Basic terms of business processes

  • Process and sub-process
  • Process goal and purpose of process modeling
  • Map of processes
  • Process model
  • Process vs. procedure
  • Process measures
  • Participant (business role, position)

2. Basic terms related to process modeling in BPMN notation

  • Objects in process diagrams
    • Pools and lanes
    • Flow objects
    • Connecting objects
    • Data
    • Artifacts
  • Proper and improper diagrams
    • Sequence flow and message flow
    • Representation of participants and business roles
    • Forking and joining of sequence flow
    • Exception flow

3. Individual skill in process modeling

  • Developing a BPMN diagram on the basis of tabular or narrative description

My certificate number is 0070/2017 and can be looked up at the System Research Institute web page.

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