Eventful week

Last week was quite eventful. I’ve talked about Continuous Integration in .NET and about how do we use it at my company CODEFUSION at the IT Academic Day 2013 at the Opole University of Technology (OUTech). CF-IT Academic DayIt was an event organized by the .NET Group from the OUTech and Microsoft Poland. The auditorium nearly full! Of course I’ve showed my funny CI gadget "Great Integrator Helmet". It connects wirelessly to the CI server and transfers a feedback about failing build by blinking and hauling. As usual it was very well noticed by the auditorium Winking smile

And since we are at the topic of tinkering with electronics: Idnplogo_dr’ve described how to build such a thing using Tinkerforge and .NET and together with Bernhard Kord written an article about it. It went “live” this week in the 11th 2013 issue of dotnetpro Magazin in Munich, Germany. If you are keen in German language (the article is written in German) take a look at http://www.dotnetpro.de/articles/onlinearticle4689.aspx for more details!

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