.NET hardware programming basics

I’m a “bits sculptor”! I work with bits to create beautiful software. I have done it myself for years and now I’m running a software development company to create “better software”. But I was always jealous of people creating more tangible items than software. Not that I ever thought about software as a lesser creation then physical objects. Oh, no! Creating good software takes the same amount of effort and talent as creating for example a good car. But still. But you cannot “touch” the software you are creating. So I decided to go a bit into hardware. And what is the better way for .NET software developer than to go programming .NET based electronics?!?! 

Yesterday I’ve added a talk about the basics of .NET hardware programming to my repertoire. It’s basically the material I’ve worked on while writing the two articles published by dotnetpro Magazin in Munich, Germany. The first one was about Netduino and it was published in 08/2012 issue and the second one was about Tinkerforge from the 12/2013 issue. I’ve added a bit information and a demo for Raspberry Pi and Mono. I gave a talk at the meeting of .NET Developers Group München (17.12.2013). It went quite well. Despite the technical versatility I had to manage (and believe me the table was crowded with electronics!).

And here are two photos from the talks I gave last week (11.12.2013) at the Opole University of Technology. The topic was: testing mobile software and I showed (among other things) our RoboTouch project.


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